Approximately 65 acres; 27 forested, 38 pasture. Site is on rural water but also features two ponds, one with a windmill for aeration; both stay nearly full year round. There are also two wet weather creeks on portions of the property. Site appears to have high-quality soil in some pastures based on recent trench work and contractor comments. Other pastures are healthy with fairly diversified forage. Possibly interested in creating an intentional community with meditation center (e.g. Self-Realization Fellowship) and nature preserve in a park-like setting. Given abundance of space, open to fruit and vegetable, orchards, wildflowers and/or some limited livestock production, but no horses. Existing cattle panels on property, and a chicken coop under construction. Fenced area for garden also under development. Some farm equipment available for use depending on skills of applicant and frequency of expected use. Other outbuildings exist. Looking for an apprentice or lease. Housing available for qualified applicants.