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The family farm is rarely passed down as it once was generation to generation. Today, new farmers need help navigating their journey to farm as do farmland owners planning a farm legacy. NWA FARMLINK helps to prepare farmers looking to access land in Northwest Arkansas, and farmland owners interested in new opportunities for their property.

NWA FARMLINK is a free website to help farm seekers and farmland owners connect. As a FARMLINK member, you will have access to local support, guidance, resources and tools for the future of your farm. NWA FARMLINK is powered by the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in our region through the preservation and enhancement of our land.

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Your donation to the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust helps make NWA FARMLINK services remain free. Your support also helps cover the costs of hosting educational and networking events for farm seekers and farmland owners. Your contribution enables us to provide materials to assist farm seekers and farmland owners make legal arrangements, learn about regenerative agriculture, and conserve farmland. Donate today and #SaveFarmland!

1.2 Million Acres of Farms in NWA
6,613 total number of farms | NWA
665 acres of fruit, vegetables and nut production
231 Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Farms in NWA

Source: USDA Ag Census 2017

NWA Farmlink Arkansas

How does NWA Farmlink
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Farmland is disappearing in Northwest Arkansas due to rapid urbanization and population growth. According to the USDA Agricultural Census, total farmland in our region declined by 50% from 1997-2012, and the trend continues. New or beginning farmers face many barriers to farming, including rising land prices, equipment costs and the need for assistance. Exiting farmers are delaying their retirement and often don’t have a succession plan for their farm. As a result, we’re losing our family farms and our region’s dependence on an outsourced food supply is increasing.

By providing a free web-based platform, along with personalized local assistance and access to resources, NWA FARMLINK meets farmers “where they are.” Working together and leveraging our network, we will help to secure the future of regenerative agriculture in Northwest Arkansas.

NWA FARMLINK is open to all farm seekers from anywhere and farmland owners with property in Benton, Carroll, Madison and Washington Counties. Farmers interested in growing fruits and vegetables are especially encouraged to participate as the demand for fresh, local foods increases.



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