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Lucy Capelle, a Springdale resident, is on a mission to help make the community healthier through nutrition and farming. Rather than selling her harvest, Lucy works with Grace New Beginning Church and donates it to her local Marshallese community.

Lucy is a Center for Arkansas Farms Food Apprentice, and while she preferred not to have a public profile on NWA Farm-Link, she has worked with NWALT for nearly three-years to find a place to farm. Over that time, she had access to other land, but it was in remote locations and proved to be a tough commute. The distance, made it hard for her to grow as much as she wanted.

Late last year, the Eric and Joy Jackman urban farm plot in Rogers became available. NWALT connected Lucy and the Jackman’s, and their mutual concern for community and focus on local foods sealed their interest in formalizing a two-year lease with easy renew options.

You can learn more about Lucy here in a recent CAFF newsletter.

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