Farming + Business Experience = Achievable Income

Because our health is directly tied to the health of the environment, we strive to produce healthy dairy and meat products by utilizing sustainable methods in their production. I value living modestly. I try to practice wise management of my financial resources. I want to make an honest living where I am proud to say what I do. It’s important for me to try to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I want to make a positive difference in my community and be a good role model for other young women who may have an interest in sustainable farming. I will support the local economy as much as I can, realizing that this effort, in itself, helps sustain the community.
I believe in putting the land in permanent grass pastures to let the farm animals harvest their own feed and to stop erosion. I believe in segmenting pastures and moving the animals routinely through the pastures so the pressure in any given area.

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