My goal is to create a thriving certified organic farm with diversified operations. I want to also be able to manage a small team of devoted farmers in operating a successful profitable csa, market garden, and wholesale production. I camped in the Ozarks recently and really love the area, and people.

I grew up on a homesteader farm in California. We raised our own cattle, hogs, and chicken for consumption ever since I was a baby. I was taught to grow my food through each season. I’ve worked with quarter acre plots to grow food for my family and friends. I’ve also participated in farmers markets selling my chickens raised on pasture and free range organic. I’ve grown crops during the winter in greenhouses.

Coming to Rodale Institute this past year I’ve learned how to grow crops regenatively. Using nitrogen fixers to return carbon back to soil and using various no till methods to grow organic regenerative produce. I’ve driven mutliple different tractors both stick shift and automatic. I’ve used a potatoe digger implement, treffler plow, discing implement. I’ve led a crew of 8 people on a triweekly basis on harvesting and getting objectives on tasklists done. I’ve participated in animal husbandry tasks such as feeding hogs, tagging them for research studies, raising broiler chickens in sessesions of 100+ and removing them daily on new pasture until slaughter. I’ve also worked with moving cattle and hearding them  into new pasture on a weekly basis.

Next year I’ll have more exposure to different tractor implements and leading a larger crew of people upwards to 24 interns.  This may only be for half of 2022.  I’m eager to get my own enterprise started implementing low tillage to no tillage techniques in my crops, while also practicing regenerative and sustainable methods of raising cattle and chickens.

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