My father farmed all his life and so did his father. I’ve been away from farming for years, after joining the US Army, getting married and having a kid. I want to get back to it and do it for the rest of my life now.

My wife and I have been married for 16 years now. Our son is 8. We homeschool him. We want to get some land to live and farm on permanently. My wife will be working full time with mothers and babies in a hospital in the area. If we can find the right place and deal, I will be farming full time. This is a permanent life decision for us. We want to settle down and finish raising our son properly and I believe there’s no better training ground than the family farm. We want to be part of a Christian community and work in and for the community as well.

With a farm I want to start on a few acres and work my way up with a dense, market garden style farm using no till.

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