Conveniently located near a growing residential area with dedicated open space, four-acres for lease at 700 Broyles St. in Fayetteville, near the Historic Woolsey Homestead and Wet Prairie Sanctuary.  This parcel is owned by the City of Fayetteville and will be managed by the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust (NWALT) under its Farmland Preservation, Access, and Support program, which includes NWA Farm-Link.

The site is available for the 2022 growing season for one to two farmers, up to three- years, and possibly long-term. NWALT will work with the approved tenant(s) and the city to provide infrastructure improvements to site including security fencing, restoring electric power and connecting water service suitable for agricultural production.

The Woolsey Working Farm is best suited for small scale fruit and or vegetable production. Agritourism, season extension and other farm enterprises will be considered. Ideal candidates will have an interest and experience with regenerative agriculture practices and will be asked to provide a farm conservation plan including environmentally sustainable best practices for pest and weed management. This site will not support livestock or permanent tenant housing. 

Fees and terms are negotiable. The successful tenant will receive technical assistance and support if desired from NWALT, the City of Fayetteville and the NWA Food Systems Initiative partners such as the Center for Arkansas Farms and Food, and The Food Conservancy NWA, a food hub dedicated to helping farmers access new markets in the area to make more fresh produce available.

Interested applicants should call 479-966-4666 or email to learn more and schedule a site visit. Applications should include a detailed business plan that includes basic farm and conservation plan, in addition to financials by December 30, 2021.

Poor --needs substantial work and repairs, Fair -- basic systems operational minor repairs, Good--all systems are functioning properly (This rating does not replace a certified inspection)

Woolsey Working Farm for Lease